Student Exchanges 2019/2020

England in the Netherlands

19th January - 24th January 2020 in Landgraaf

Spain in Germany

19th January - 24th January 2020 in Übach-Palenberg

The Netherlands in England

22nd March - 27th March in Newport

Germany in Spain

22nd March - 27th March in Aguilar de Campoo

Student Exchanges 2018/2019

Spain in the Netherlands

10th February - 15th February 2019 in Landgraaf

England in Germany

 10th February - 15th February 2019 in Übach-Palenberg

The Netherlands in Spain

31st March - 5th April 2019 in Aguilar de Campoo

Germany in England

12th May - 17th May 2019 in Newport

Staff Training in Aguilar de Campoo

October 2018

England in Germany


 On Monday, we started the day with a guided tour through the school. We showed the English students our whole school.
After that, we went into class for two hours. There the students from England learned how our lessons take place.
Then we had an orienteering with our teachers. We worked on a questionnaire in different groups. The groups were mixed with German and English students. 
After the orienteering, we had a lunch break.
Then we came back to school for our sports project. We played Ultimate Frisbee for two hours in different teams.
After that, we had some free time.
We had so much fun and we think the first day was a good start into the exchange. 


On Wednesday we met at our school at 9 am. Then, we went to the train station in Übach-Palenberg. We waited with our teachers, who are called Mrs Markwort and Ms Steinmetz, for our train. About half an hour later we arrived in Aachen. There, we visited the most important sights like: -the cathedral

                     -town Hall


Then we went to "Viel Harmonie" and ate something like a wrap or a hamburger...

After that we had enough time to go shopping in Aquis Plaza.

Our teachers organised a game in an escape room, which was very funny and exciting.

In the evening we drove back home after a very cool and exhausting day.


On Thursday morning we went to the train station, since Thursday was the day where we would visit Cologne. Mrs Schüller, Mrs Owczarski and the English teachers came with us. First we took the train to Aachen and from there we took the train to Cologne. The ride took about one hour but it was definitely worth it. When we arrived in Cologne we met with a teacher from our school, Mrs.  Kuhl who lives in Cologne. She knows the city well and did a little sightseeing tour with us, for example she showed us the "Kölner Dom" or the "Kölner Altstadt" and even for those that had been to Cologne before it was actually really cool. After the sightseeing tour we were finally allowed to go shopping. Cologne actually has a big shopping mall so all of us were really excited. For that amount of time we were allowed to divide us into smaller groups. Some of us went directly to the shopping mall, others went to Mc Donalds to get food. At around 5 pm we met at the cathedral and drove back to Übach. All in all I think it was a really succesful day and that everyone had fun.