School members

There are four schools that participate in the project: 
1. Charlemagne College in Landgraaf, Netherlands
2. I.E.S. Santa María la Real in Aguilar de Campoo, Spain
3. Joyce Frankland Academy in Newport, England
4. Carolus-Magnus-Gymnasium in Übach-Palenberg, Germany

Charlemagne College in Landgraaf, Netherlands

Charlemagne College Eijkhagen is a secondary educational school located in Landgraaf. We offer education on the following levels: theoretical vocational education, higher general secondary education, and preparatory academic education. Additionally, we provide bilingual preparatory academic education. We offer bilingual education since 1999 and have been fully certified since 2008. As of then, we are allowed to carry the title of Senior Bilingual School. Eijkhagen employs approximately a hundred teachers and a support staff of thirty people. Even though the amount of students decreases in our region, Eijkhagen continues to grow. We currently house 1463 students.
The motto of our school is: ‘’Create your future’’. We allow our students to realise their dreams by offering quality certified programmes in a dynamic environment. This includes the participation in
foreign exchange programmes at all levels. 

Type of sport: korfball

I.E.S. Santa María la Real in Aguilar de Campoo, Spain

IES Santa Maria la Real is a secondary school of 480 students and 60 teachers, situated in a rural area. It includes secondary education from 12 to 18 and vocational training education in two levels: intermediate and upper vocational (included in higher education. We have got an Erasmus Chart).
Our school has a wide experience in international projects
since 1998, exchanges and European actions ( Lingua, Comenius, Erasmus, Erasmus+). We are members of Euroschoolnet2000, a network of schools around Europe with the aim of promoting
European citizenship and work relationship between schools. We are credited a level 4 on ICT and we have got a bilingual education. We send students with Erasmus grants to European countries for their three months placements. We have experience in sport activities. Our students participate actively in all sports competitions in the province. We believe it is necessary to include cross curricular activities in the general curriculum and sport is a good opportunity to work on equality of gender through different subjects and with CLIL. 
Type of sport: paddle tennis

Joyce Frankland Academy Newport, United Kingdom

Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport is a co-educational mixed state academy situated in rural Essex. It has 850 students of mixed ability aged 11-18 rising to 1200. Staff including teachers, T/As and administrator’s number over 100 and this will rise too. We have students at the academy with special needs and students whose parents are members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. The school
has a full time liaison officer as regards this association. We do at times provide an education to students who are at risk from social exclusion. As a founder member of EuroSchoolnet 2000 (ESN 2000) 17 years ago the academy greatly values its international commitment. Awarded the
prestigious British Council International School Award 4 times it caters for its students through exchanges, visits, trips, teacher training and cross-curricular links. The academy helps its students
gain a better prospective of European and world affairs with a willingness to participate in team working and problem solving activities.
Type of sport: cricket

Carolus-Magnus-Gymnasium in Übach-Palenberg, Germany

The Carolus-Magnus-Gymnasium is a so called “European school” since 27.11.2017, member of Euroschoolnet2000 since 2016, has participated in a KA1 project in 2017 as a receiving partner and has many international exchanges, study trips, language learning possibilities having an education up to A-Levels with 650 students and 50 teachers.  This school has specific expertise and experience in language
teaching and acquistition in languages like English, French, Spanish and German as a foreign language. The CMG has cooperation experience in exchange and cooperation with partners of the EU. Since 1975 we have an exchange program with our partner school in Rimogne, France. Also we had an exchange with Rome and this year we iniciated an exchange program with Aguilar de Campoo, Spain. Besides, we encourage our students to participate in students placements abroad. At the same time we do not only send our pupils abroad to live Europe, but we also successfully welcome and integrate refugees and other international students.
Type of sport: ultimate frisbee